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  1. All prices are valid for a period of one month from date of estimate.
  2. All water and mains electricity used during the building contract are for the account of the client. 
  3. An area of the site should be agreed between the client and contractor, at the start of the contract, to be set aside for storage of materials, building rubbish, tools etc. The contractor will keep this area as clean and tidy as possible during the contract.
  4. Any scrap metal eg. Copper, lead, cast iron will be removed from site by the contractor, unless a specific agreement is arranged between the client and contractor.
  5. All applications for local authority planning consent are the responsibility of the client.
  6. No allowance in the quotation for any professional fees e.g. Architect’s, Engineers, Surveyors.     
  7. Contracts priced at R30,000 and under  will require a 50% down payment, the balance to be agreed between client and contractor.
  8. Contracts priced at over R30,000 will require a staged payment plan, this will usually be the following: 

1)     20% at the start of the job                        
2)     30% at a point approximately one third of the way through the job
3)     40% at a point approximately two thirds of the way through the job
4)     10% at completion

Times and/or progress points for stage payments are to be agreed on a job specific basis between client and contractor.